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Friday, May 20, 2011


     I have to share some things and get them off of my chest.  My Family is in turmoil.  I got into a huge fight with my parents the other night.  In all honesty I guess it was kind of menial.  We both said alot of things that we said in the moment.  After talking to my brother I decided to man up and appologize.  I called them and we told each other that we were sorry and that we would be getting together this weekend.
     The problem is when I talked to them last night they didnt remember any of my call.  My parents drink in excess alot. Many times I call them and I can hear the slurred speach coming out of their mouths.  We got into another fight because I was pissed at the situation.  I have to find a way to get them to realize that they need to get help.  Im an addict and an alchoholic and Im not sober though I wish I could say that I was.  That is a work in progress.  Ive done it before and Im scared to do it again.
     I love my family and they love me.  There is no violence or anything like that.  My son is an absolute blessing and we tell him that all the time.
     Im bipolar and try to deal with it on a daily basis.  Things have been down for weeks but the last few days have been ok except for the problems with my parents.  Im afraid that Im gonna slip down again for who knos how long.  I dont have anyone to talk to so that is why I started my little blog.  I dont know what else to say.

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