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Monday, May 16, 2011


     This is for people that have seriouse mental problems.  Even if you think you have one don't hesitate.  This is here for help and that is all. Im not a professional just another person that cant stand living the way that I am.  Im in a bad way and need help.  I made this just in case you need help as well. Read each others posts and see if it can help you. We understand what you are going through.  Im not cured or anything and I could use any words that could help. Lets get thing going and see where this task us. We have an open mind and I think that others are looking for help.  If you just have something to get off of your chest just do it.  WE LOVE YOU ALL.  These are not things that are not things that are not gonna go away so lets get it out in the open for each other and mabey you can get some positive inspiration.  Please try to have a good day the best way that you can.

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