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Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Another Day

  Well it came time to wake up and it took forever.  Realized that I was alone for the day gave me some kind of relief.  The problem is at the same time that I want to be alone, I want someone with me.  I made it to my living room and laid down till about noon.  This is making me nuts.  I have so many things that I want to do on a daily basis but I dont have the energy to get up and do them.
  Any way I feel back asleep to my son coming home.  I have no idea what the rest of the night will hold but my intentions are to find a way to have fun with my son and my wife when she comes home.  I don't know what to do.
  Last night I got to see my brother and sister in law and their little son.  We had a good time but their is always an uneasiness when my family gets together.  My wifes side of the family has never gotten along with my side so they werent invited.  Im sure there is some animosity there.  I hate holidays and get togethers.  Its to much stress.  I have to take a valium just to make it through.
I dont know what else to say right now.  I guess im done.


  1. Hi
    Just stubled upon your blog when you requested to follow me on twitter.
    Good for you for starting this. I have a blog too and i find it really helpful to write all of my feelings and struggles down. I will bookmark this blog and look forward to following you.

  2. P.S. Just a word of advice,... I'm finding it hard to read your font. If you could make it bigger or bolder it might be more easily read. Then again,.... Could just be my over-40 eyes!!! LOL