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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well Ive been out for 2 days and no convulsions. I had started to take Paxil. My Dr. started me out at 40mg. I have not taken any anti's for some time now. I have quite a high tolerance for just about anything. Anyway, Paxil and the 2 dextroamphetamines that I take did not mix well at all. I went to the hospital and ended up staying.  I began having tremors throughout my entire body. I shook on and off (mostly on) for 24 hours. Each time I would yawn I began to shake starting with my neck and traveling down my body. Of course one yawn does not come alone. Each one made it continue.

     Anyway, I just had to get this out. Its been a few days and I am still sore.  My back is killing me. I hope this is gone soon.

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