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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 Depression, If you have never:

Dealt with it,

experienced it,

coped with it,

lived it,

hated it,

cried over it,

lost over it,

lost someone else to it,

attempted over it,

hurt yourself from it,

isolated yourself because of it,

lied about it,

gotten sick over it,

read about it,

hopitalized due to it,

gotten labeled it,

frowned upon it,

wrritten about it,

slept because of it,

wasted entire days over it.........

     Ask someone who has it. Mabey then you will learn how many people actully suffer from it. You will never regret this question. It has raped prople of their lives and broken them down to a point of self destruction.

I ask that you learn and help someone through it!!!!

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