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Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is tough

     Once again I have been caught up with life.... A friend needs this and that, family life has been busy,and three jobs to try to pay off medical bills. Thats the way it goes I guess. willing to help whenever I can but compeletly overwhelmed in the process. I really need to step back and step back.

     Damn man. I have a close buddy of mine that is starting to feel that thing,depression. I feel real bad and I have been worried about him. I have been there since I was a child. This person is just at that starting point. The hard part for me is talking about meds. Every person is different and many just need to have talk therapy. Wether its whith a Dr. or his friends its hard to "diagnose" a friend. Either way I care about him and encourage honesty. Real honesty!!! I love him like a brother. He is a real good guy and wish him the best in his treatment,whatever that may be for him. I invited him to join my blog and get stuff out if he needs. Ill keep this going now as I need it to carry on as well.


If anyone has comments about anything,please guys, I need to keep this going now and would like any support, not just for me but mabey yourself. Leave comments and lets help each other. Keep your heads up and keep pushing!

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